Reasons why a Photo Booth is better than a Selfie

We’re living in the digital era where selfies have become part of us. Every time you catch up with a friend or hang out with your family, you reach out to your pocket and take a selfie. Of course, everyone enjoys it. It’s important to note that selfies are limited in one way or the other. Did we just say limited? Yes. Having a photo booth at your party or special event will provide you with more features than just a smartphone. You get to have real, tangible photos. Let’s get to see what a photo booth brings into the picture.

More People for More Fun

Forget about carrying that selfie stick every time you’re planning a party or attending one. We both know that you can’t take a selfie of all your friends without a selfie stick. Getting everyone squeezed to fit into your picture can be a nightmare. A photo booth allows you take a picture of everyone in the party without any trouble. Remember it’s not just about the pictures, it also brings more fun to the event. You’ll be surprised to see your guests lining up outside your photo booth.

Props and Backgrounds

Get a friend, run to the photo booth, grab some silly props, put them on, and then take a photo. The same applies to the entire team that’s present in your event. Can you imagine the exciting moments you could have? This is the time to take a picture of you and your colleagues or even your boss wearing silly hats with smiling or gloomy faces. All these are possible with a photo booth. When it comes to backgrounds, you can change from one background to the other.

Better Pictures

Every photographer will tell you he’s been in a party that had the sort of lighting that almost made him want to cry. Most parties just use the artificial lighting. In other circumstances, you’d be taking a picture with friends with a strobe light flashing. That’s enough reason to make you hire a photo booth for your next event. Note that photo booths have quality lighting that makes your guests feel like they’re at a photo shoot. Everyone will be excited to see how they look in the picture.

Actual Photos

One of the benefits of using a photo booth is that the pictures are printed on the spot, and you get to see the real photos. That means you can go and keep them safely for your memories. On the other hand, photos taken by your smartphone will only be posted on Instagram and other social networks, and before long you’ll have forgotten about them. The photos taken in a photo booth can be stuck in wallets or even framed and put up on walls. They create beautiful memories and remind us of the wonderful moments we’ve spent with our loved ones and friends.

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